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196 Hag Portrait
198 WickedWitch Portrait

Official Description

Coming soon!


Default Attack

Warlock Attack

Roles Warlock

Special Ability

Hocus Pocus


Evolutionary Line


196 Hag


197 Witch

Wicked Witch

198 WickedWitch

Leveling Up

Witch is eligible to evolve into Wicked Witch at Level 45 (396,000 Exp).

Gem Size

Exp Given

BlackGem Exp1
200 Exp
BlackGem Exp2
1,000 Exp
BlackGem Exp3
5,000 Exp
BlackGem Exp4
25,000 Exp
BlackGem Exp5
125,000 Exp

Evolution Ingredients

You will need the following ingredients to perform the evolution: 

Black Fragment x9 Black Sigil x4 Black Runestone x2 Warlock Tome x5
Evo BlackFragment
Evo SigilBlack
Evo RunestoneBlack
Evo Tome Warlock
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