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491 LichOfHatred Portrait
493 Medusa Portrait

Official Description

Coming soon!


Default Attack

Warlock Attack

Roles Warlock

Special Ability

Finger of Death

DamageBlack Strong

Evolutionary Line

Lich Of Pain

490 LichOfPain

Lich Of Hatred

491 LichOfHatred

Lich Of Death

492 LichOfDeath

Leveling Up

Lich Of Death maxes out at Level 90 (5,050,000 Exp). Lich Of Death does not evolve any further.

Gem Size

Exp Given

BlackGem Exp1
200 Exp
BlackGem Exp2
1,000 Exp
BlackGem Exp3
5,000 Exp
BlackGem Exp4
25,000 Exp
BlackGem Exp5
125,000 Exp
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