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1 - All creatures added to the wiki (Currently Active Milestone)
1.2 - Awakenings added to creatures
1.3 - Base stats added to max level creatures
1.4 - Creature rankings based on scenarios
1.5 - Creature List by number to easily find the creature you're looking for (Progress: 99% complete - missing thumbs for some Creatures)
2 - Basics: where you can go to learn about the basic game mechanics
2.1 - Creature Leveling guide / reference
2.2 - Evolving Creatures guide / reference
2.3 - Creature Awakening guide / reference
3 - Items: item details
3.1 - Where to find said items
3.2 - Item List That lists out the types of items and links users to those sub item lists
4 - Quests: a catalog of the different quests that are in rotation
5 - Dungeon Challenge (PvP): An explanation as well as a basic guide to get you started
5.1 - Dungon rankings
6 - Battle Tower (PvE): An explanation of the tower, as well as some tips and tricks
7 - Summons: and what you can get from each
8 - Loading screen tips
9 - Events, both existing and upcoming! Hopefully these become yearly milestones to look forward to

Events Calendar

Date Event
October 3rd White White Token Chest Summon
October 4th

Black Token Chest Summin

October 6th Ticket Summon Event
Ocotber 4th => 10th Challenge: Knighty Knight
October 11th => 17th Challenge: Just a Hunch



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