Creature Quest Wiki

The Battle Tower allows the player to take challenges and try to rise to the top of the tower to gain rewards.

The table below lists the different colors you will fight in the tower.

Level Color Boss
51 Blue Yellow Black Anubis (changes with event), Sorceress,

Corrupted Angel

50 Red Yellow Astral Watcher, Occultist
49 Red Yellow Sphinx
48 White Blue Red Yellow Green
47 White Yellow
46 Blue Red Yellow Black Green
45 Green Black Sludge Hulk
44 Blue
43 Yellow Blue Black Red Green
42 Black White Green Blue Red
41 Green White Grand Druid
40 Green White Black
39 Black Blue
38 Black Red
37 Black White Vampire Lord
36 White
35 Black
34 White
33 Yellow Green Venomous Hydra
32 Green
31 Yellow
30 Green
29 Changes with event.

Color is always the same as the boss's

28 Blue
27 Red
26 Blue
25 Red Green Tiamat
24 Yellow Black
23 Blue White
22 Red Green
21 White Alchemist
20 Black
19 Yellow
18 Blue
17 Black Lich
16 Red
15 Green
14 Yellow
13 White White Dragon
12 Green White
11 Red
10 Blue
9 Red Yellow Blue White Regal Cockatrice
8 Red Green Yellow Black White
7 Black Red Blue
6 Black Yellow Red
5 Yellow Black White Blue Colossus
4 Blue White
3 Yellow Blue Black
2 Red Blue Green
1 Yellow Red White

Modifiers that will increase your score in the Battle Tower includes:

  • Damage Points: Amount of damage dealt.
  • Color Point: the use of colored monsters that deal super effective damage to the monster on the floor. e.a. a team of red creatures would yield more point on a floor with predominantly green creatures.
  • Overkill Points: Amount of overkill damage dealt.

Bonuses that will increase your score based on a percentage:

  • Mana Bonus: Increased or decreases depending on the amount of mana left. (can't fall below 0%)
  • Survival Bonus: Bases on the creatures end health, with a max of 100% if all creatures are fully healed at the end of the battle. If a creature dies then the bonus is reduced by 20% even if the creature is revived during battle.
  • Size Bonus: Smaller creatures yield higher bonuses where as legendarily yield none;
    • Legendary: 0%
    • Large (Epic): 50%
    • Normal (Rare): 150%
    • Small (Common): 250%
  • Floor Bonus: based on the height of the floor